• Business, Bees and Money
    Dr. Ted Levitt, senior professor at Harvard Business School, once said, “The function of a business is to get and keep customers.” However, when I ask many people what the function of a business is, most of them say, “To make money.” It is easy for a successful business to forget how it got there in the first place. I am often reminded of the lesson of the Bee, who is focused on collecting Honey (Customers) and, in the process, unknowingly collects Pollen (Money). The lesson ofRead More…
  • Time & Money
    An old Chinese proverb says, “An inch of time is an inch of gold, yet an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time.”Literally, it means that the value of Time is greater than that of the most precious material substance in the world; all the Gold in the world will not buy back the Time we have lost. When this philosophy is applied to markets and a sales campaign, it is particularly accurate because Time changes all things, and timing is everything. A large opportunityRead More…
  • Interview with Head of Sales Magazine
    We were recently interviewed by Head of Sales online Magazine which is one of Australia’s leading destination for sales leadership, technology, psychology, enablement and education. You can read the full interview here.
  • Flying Tin Magazine Launched
    We are proud to announce the launch of our Aviation Magazine Flying Tin. Over the next 24 months we will publishing our extensive aviation archive which documents early aviation advances starting in the 1930’s. These exclusive history files have never been published before either in paper or online.
  • Our Approach
    Often taken for granted the Sales process has many steps that need to be followed closely in order to secure the best result.   At the end of the Sales process the ideal scenario is a customer whose business has benefited by reduced cost or increased efficiency and a supplier who has been rewarded for years of R&D investment and risk. 
  • SAT-2000 Launch Customer Air Pacific B737-700NG
    In 1996 we were proud to be involved with the BFE spec of the Air Pacific B737-700 Avionics suite; these aircraft were the first in the world to specify full provisions for the new Collins SAT-2000 AERO-I SATCOM.  Later, Air Pacific activated and installed the SAT-2000 system for operational use.   The SAT-2000 later went on to be standard fit in the Boeing BBJ, the equipment fit of the new BBJ being identical to that of the Air Pacific B737-NG’s.